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UpComing Educational Sessions & Weekend Intensives

Walter Pridgen Weekend Acting Intensive April 1 & 2

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

38 W Rampart Rd

Shelbyville, IN 46176

Walter Pridgen– Acting Coach, On Set Coach, Director


Walter Pridgen is recognized as on of Hollywood’s top acting coaches for young actors. He currently works for Disney as an on-set coach for the new hit show, “GAMER’S GUIDE TO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING”. Walter also coached on Disney’s “JESSIE” and was the on-set coach on Disney’s “KICKIN IT” for all 4 seasons. Walter has been training actors for over 20 years and has helped many young actors attain their goals of working in television and film. Walter’s classes, workshops and camps are recommended by many of Hollywood’s top talent agencies and managers.

Helen Gordon Weekend Acting Intensive April 22 & 23

Waco, TX

Helen Gordon - Acting Coach


Has been coaching acting in Los Angeles for over 18 years. As an accomplished trainer and creative force behind an industry acclaimed training center, Helen holds beginning and master classes for young actors. She offers Parent Consultations and Private Coaching, and has successfully coached many young performers to series. Helen was the on-set acting coach for the hit TV show, The Haunted Hathaways.

In recent years, she has helped several new young actors land Series Regular roles for such shows as Modern Family (ABC), The Agency (CBS), Austin and Ally (DIS), Off the Map (ABC) and Hannah Montana (DIS) in addition to a variety of Guest Starring and Featured roles on series and features such as CSI Miami, NCIS , Everybody Loves Raymond, Paul Blart:Mall Cop, and World

War Z.

Helen is a New York trained professional actress and stand-up comic. She has appeared in numerous feature films, national commercials and TV shows including The Tonight Show, Sister/Sister and In The House.

Stella Alex Savage Agency Educational Session May 7

STELLA ALEX, Agent - The Savage Agency - LA

Stella Alex was born in Chicago and raised in LA. She teamed up with The Savage Agency in 2004 and is now a co-owner with Judy Savage. The Savage Agency is home to some of the biggest young names in the business. They represent kids, teens, and young adults including Katalyst's own Ciara Bravo, "Big Time Rush" & "Red Band Society"

They also rep folks like Jodi Sweeten from Full House and now Fuller House, Ashton Sanders from Straight out of Compton, Nick Robinson from The Fifth Wave & Melissa & Joey, Kira Kesarin from The Thundermans, Ross Lynch from Austin & Ally. Just to name a few.

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Acting With the Camera 

A Practical Seminar 

Taught by Emmy Award Winners from Chilidog Pictures

8 Participants Only

3 Spots Remaining

Sunday August 26, 2018

Cincinnati OH


After sitting in on our weekend session with LA acting coach Josh Lebar, Stacy Doose, Co-owner by Chilidog Pictures approached me about helping them coordinate a practical seminar on the nuts and bolts of working with the camera.

Stacy is a producer, director and editor. He won an Emmy in 2008 for editing for “The Presidential Campaigns” His partner and co-owner of Chilidog is Glenn Hartong. Glenn is a director of photography & producer who has won numerous awards. Including an Emmy for the short documentary “ A Perfect Day” in 2013.

I loved the idea of having our talent have first shot at working with this team to learn the practicals about working with the camera.

I remember being on a film set for the first time. It was set in a diner. And after the second take they cut and said I had not picked up the cup at the same time and placed it differently. I looked at them like what are you talking about. I was thinking about my character and what was happening in the scene. I had no idea when I picked up the glass or where I placed it. It had never occurred to me that I needed to think about that. I was working on the emotion of the scene. This was my first lesson in continuity.

In the seminar you will be learning the difference you need to bring to your performance when they are doing a wide shot or a close up. Learning about continuity. Being aware of sound, aware that you are wearing a lav mic or aware of the boom mic. And a myriad of other technical things actors don’t naturally think about. All of this is done in the safety of a seminar rather that a trial by fire on set when time literally is money and everyone is concerned about moving on to the next shot.

This seminar will be a day long session with an hour break for lunch. (Lunch is not provided, talent should pack a lunch or go out for lunch. ) It will be limited to 8 participants. Assigned scenes will be filmed with direction in the first half of the day. We will break for lunch. After lunch there will be two hours of watching the mornings work with notes. Hearing from a director of photography and an editor about what are problems and reasons why another shot would have to be taken. After the notes each scene will be shot one final time, with one take.

Within 2 weeks of the seminar each participant will receive a fully edited best version of their scene. These are clips that you can use in anyway you wish.

Cost for the seminar is $350.

Chilidog will also offer the option to get a custom cut with all the individual actor’s scenes and work that day for an additional $200. (Editing rate is $100/hr and it will take Stacy an extra 2 hours to pull that footage and put it together)

This seminar will help you learn how to be the talent on set the crew and production love and want to have on set again for future work.

Chilidog will be conducting 3 seminars with 8 spots available in each session. July 1, July 29, August 26. Spots are on a first paid, first serve basis.

Chilidog Pictures


Acting With the Camera A Practical Seminar August 26, 2018 - 

Cincinnati, OH

A Practical Seminar August 26, 2018 Katalyst Rate
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LA Media & Interviewing Coach

Shannon O'Dowd

5 Seats Remaining

Sunday October 14, 2018

Northern Kentucky


Give yourself the edge and learn how to control those nerves when you walk in the audition room. Be prepared for any question casting or the network throws at you!

Based on encouragement from an executive at Nickelodeon, Katalyst is bringing in a top media and interviewing coach to work with our talent. The auditioning process can be overwhelming. And when you begin to get close on booking series regular roles you can go through interviews with network executives that can be very intimidating. Networks often put their new stars through media training. At Katalyst we want to give our talent a leg up on the competition so they are prepared ahead of time. So Shannon O'Dowd has agreed to come in to our region to work with a handful of our talent. 

Shannon O’Dowd is a TV Host/Spokesperson as well as an on-camera coach, media

trainer, & strategist who specializing in TV hosts, influencers, and experts. She has been

working on both sides of the camera as on-camera host and also as a coach for well

over a decade.

As on-camera talent, she has been the spokesperson for several national commercial

campaigns including Cable One, Sunsweet Raisins, OfficeMax, Invisalign, and Nissan. As

a host, she’s done QVC as well as being the face of many spots in the infomercial world

including Keurig, Aerobed, Instant Figure, Nano Gym, Lipozene, Bankruptcy Legal

Network, etc.

As a coach, she has clients on the Today Show, the Doctors, HGTV, Hallmark, WE, DIY,

QVC, HSN, and on talk shows, news appearances, morning shows, and more. Her training

focuses on camera technique, brand messaging, talking points, and sound bites for TV

Appearances, Press Junkets, Talk Shows, Social Media, etc.

Shannon specializes in getting the best performance possible out of her clients with spoton

adjustments & information that “sticks” & aids in many areas, even beyond just oncamera

work. Shannon is precise, insightful, fun, and great at getting the best performance

possible from her clients.

LA Talent Agency workshop with top Ten Agency in 2018


Jermey Apody

Head of Emerging Talent - LA

11 Seats Remaining

Sunday October 28 2018

Northern Kentucky


Our LA tour group had the opportunity to audition for the Buchwald Agency this week. Buchwald was named one of the top 10 agencies in Los Angeles for 2018. We met with the head of emerging talent Jeremy Apody. Jeremy was so impressed that he asked if he could come  to us and see more of the talent Katalyst has to offer. So we compared schedules and he is coming to Northern Kentucky Sunday October 28th. Spots are on a first come first serve basis.

Buchwald was named one of the top 10 agencies in LA for 2018. They represent folks like Gina Gershon, Justin Prentice,Ralph Macchio, Luke Perry, McKenna Grace, Kelly Hu, Kim Coates, Cyril Shepherd, Jason Priestly, Andrew McCarthy, Amy Madigan.

Our own Dejean Deterville and his sister Taylor are with them.

Josh LeBar Weekend Acting InTensive

8 spots remain

November 17 & 18, 2018

Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport

1717 Airport Exchange Blvd

Erlanger, KY 41018

10-5PM Both Days

Josh Lebar


Joshua is a working actor and producer in Los Angeles. He is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio where he attended LaSalle High School. Joshua went to Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana on a football scholarship, and graduated cum laude from Butler, with both Theatre Performance and Broadcast Journalism degrees. Upon graduation he performed inOthello at the Indiana Repertory Theatre and was directed by Scott Wentworth.

Joshua is best known for his work recurring six years on the hit HBO show Entourage.

Josh has coached a number of our talent via skype with excellent results. 

​Joshua has been teaching acting in Los Angeles since 2003. He has been a teacher or assistant at some of the most popular, well respected, and expensive acting schools in Hollywood. His classes offer some of the best value you can find in Los Angeles. What sets him apart from many other acting coaches in town, is that he is putting his process into action himself. He is currently working on some of the best shows on T.V, with 2015 being one of his best years to date. Joshua teaches actors of all ages and skill sets his process with the material. He covers what to do from the time you get the script, until you are shooting it on the screen. It gives the actor a consistent way to approach the material and master the material in a timely fashion, since most auditions give less than 48 hours notice. His clients have booked series regular roles, guest stars, co stars, and feature films. 

Josh LeBAr Acting Intensive Weekend November 17 & 18, 2018

Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport

1717 Airport Exchange Blvd

Erlanger KY 41018

859 371 2233

Josh Lebar Acting Intensive Weekend November 17 & 18, 2018
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